Cleaning Chemicals and Solutions

Restoration Chemicals

Sinclair Cleaning Systems is pleased to offer a complete line of chemicals and cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

  • Coronavirus Disinfectants
  • Bridgepoint Chemicals
  • Prochem Cleaners
  • The Professional Choice Chemicals
  • Hydramaster Chemicals and Cleaners
  • Hydroforce/Groom Chemicals
  • Chemspec Chemicals and Solutions

Hospital, Nursing Home and Industrial Disinfectants

We offer several professional products suitable for disinfecting against coronavirus and COVID-19.

Disaster Restoration

We also have a wide range of chemicals used in disaster restoration to combat smoke damage and mold issues.

Car Detailers

Car detailers also love our cleaning solutions which allow for fast, safe and efficent cleanup of all vehicles surfaces both inside and out.

Pet Odours

Both homeowners and professionals know how difficult it is to eliminate strong odours such as urine smell. We have the chemicals you need to eliminate all types of odours safely and quickly.

Spot Removers

We have just the right products to attack tough spots and stains such as red wine, blood and grease.

Protectants and Sealers

Be sure to protect your cleaned carpets with Scotchgard and seal cleaned stone and tile surfaces using our line of sealing products.

Best In Class Suppliers

Restoration Equipment Suppliers

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