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There is no question that the impact of the ongoing pandemic will be felt long after a vaccine is developed and its threat is diminished. It is fundamentally changing society and the way we interact with each other. We are already witnessing wholesale changes to the way we conduct business; especially in the retail sector. The quarantines and social distancing seem to be effective in controlling the spread of the virus, but, as non-essential business begin to re-open across Ontario, the threat of a second wave remains. Both the federal and provincial governments have made it clear that re-opening Ontario businesses will be a slow and cautious process.

The abrupt stoppage in work due to the pandemic and the proposed re-opening plan has caused a great deal of hardship for many people across Ontario and the rest of Canada. While we all may be in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat.

Many people are wondering from where their next meal will come. The need at area food banks has never been greater. That's why we have decided that when you buy our Moldex® product Sinclair Cleaning Systems will donate 35% of the proceeds of your purchase, distributed evenly, to the six area food banks of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Together we can help!

Help Others and Help Yourself

By purchasing Moldex® Mold Disinfectant Cleaner from Sinclair Cleaning Systems you'll not only be helping the families in need of a helping hand, but you'll also be helping yourself by limiting the spread of viruses. It is our way of doing what we can help those who have lost their livelihood during this crisis.

It is critical that we maintain cleanliness in every building and home. According to the Health Canada website, every "touchable" surface in your workplaces and homes should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using an approved disinfectant.

Moldex® Mold Disinfectant Cleaner can thoroughly and safely clean and disinfect any non-porous surface without harsh bleaching agents for those who are chemically-sensitive. For use on: walls, floors, and most washable hard (inanimate) non-porous surfaces including tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, porcelain, bed frames and car interiors.

This is a hospital grade disinfectant which is EPA Approved and Health Canada Registered.

Available by the case (6 x 946 ml spray trigger bottles) for only $59.99 + HST and shipping.

Nova Scotia Strong

For more information, please call: 1.800.265.0505 or use our Contact Us form to send us a question. Our representatives will be happy to help you process your transaction and arrange shipping or no contact pickup.

We appreciate your support!

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