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Drainvac is the only wet/dry complete cleaning system available on the market today. Specifically designed to vacuum both liquids and solids, a Drainvac Built-in Central Vacuum System can handle all types of spills and soils with the convenience of a central vacuum system. What's more, Drainvac is designed to use your existing conventional central vac plumbing!

Drainvac is perfect for cleaning up food or pet stains on carpet and upholstery. If you have wood or tile floors, you can throw away your brooms and mops and use Drainvac for all your hard surface or vinyl flooring.

Canister Units vs. Automatic Flushing Models

Drainvac offers both Canister and Automatic Flushing models. Canister units must be emptied periodically like any built-in central vacuum. Automatic Flushing units are connected directly to the building's sanitary sewer system and require no ongoing maintenance.


Most central vacuums have barely adequate suction for large homes and are not designed for commercial applications. Drainvac offers systems with multiple motors which have much more power than other portable and central vacuums. The deep-down cleaning ability gets rid of more soil and contaminants and does it faster.

Indoor Air Quality

The many unseen contaminants present in our living and working environments can be harmful to respiratory systems. Most vacuum cleaners cannot filter out these contaminants and re-release them into the air through the exhaust. Drainac systems exhaust these contaminants outside the building.

Easy Installation & Accessories

In residential applications, most newer homes have roughed-in piping for a central vacuum system and older homes can easily be retrofitted to accommodate a system. A central vacuum system can be installed in most buildings by our professional installers. For the do-it-yourselfer we provide installations kits and information. There is a wide range of optional accessories available for the Drainvac systems designed to make various cleaning methods faster and easier.


Drainvac units are manufactured in Canada from the highest quality corrosion and shockproof materials. These units have a lifetime warranty on the body and 10 years on the motors in residential applications. Drainvac has been providing satisfaction to customers throughout North America and Europe for 30 years.

Available Models

Drainvac offers Residential, Commercial and Industrial Models. Portable Water Extraction units are also available.

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