Portable Carpet Cleaners

Breeze BZ105LX-Auto

The Breeze Hurricane series encompasses the most powerful portable carpet cleaning units on the market. With suction power of 225-250 CFM (depending on vacuum hose size) and 180” of water lift strength, drying times are significantly reduced. This vacuum performance enables you to run up to 250 feet of hose which eliminates the need to haul the extractor up or down stairs. Instead, you can keep the machine in a central location on the main floor close to a kitchen, laundry tub or other water supply. Available with an on-board high efficiency heat exchanger, these powerful extractors deliver performance comparable to truck mounted units in a portable machine that can easily be transported to high rise buildings or other areas that are inaccessible to truck mounts.

We offer five models under the Breeze Hurricane line. Follow this link to compare the Breeze Portable Features.

You have to see these units for yourself to believe how amazing they are. Call us to book a demo today.

Click on one of the following links to open up a PDF showing a photo and features of the selected Breeze Hurricane model:
Breeze BZ-102LX portable extractor
Breeze BZ-102LX-AUTO portable extractor
Breeze BZ-102LXH portable extractor
Breeze BZ-105LX portable extractor
Breeze BZ-105LX-AUTO portable extractor

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