Sinclair Cleaning Systems in an authorized distributor and full service maintenance and repair centre for and Legend Brands truckmounts. We also service and carry OEM parts for other truckmount brands including HydraMaster and Blueline. Please call us toll-free at 1.800.265.0505 to get more information and pricing for any Legend Brands truckmount or to schedule an appointment to bring in your existing truckmount for service and repair.

Legend Brands Truckmounts

Legend Brands has a wide selection of slide-in truckmounted hot-water extraction machines, as well as the state-of-the-art Pro-1200 Se direct-drive. Whether you focus on residential carpet and floor cleaning or large commercial applications, Legend Brands has a model to meet your needs. Select any one of the truckmounts below to learn more:
Model Engine Cooling System Water Pump Vacuum Pump
2018 Apex 570 Kubota WG972 31 HP liquid cooled cast iron gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM Belt cooling - 100 CFM through-frame air injection system General HTS2016S producing up to 1500 PSI and 5 GPM at 1500 RPM Gardner Denver trilobe HeliFlow® HF408 helical positive displacement blower. Vacuum at 13 in. and flows up to 455 CFM
2018 Peak 500 Kawasaki FD851D-DFI liquid-cooled 31 HP engine with digital fuel injection and 47.1 ft-lbs of torque operating at 3000 RPM Plate engine coolant heat exchanger General HTXS1813S water pump producing 3.5 GPM and up to 1500 PSI at 1450 RPM Gardner Denver TriFlow 406 positive displacement blower with vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 406 CFM
Prochem Legend GT Truckmount Kohler Command 23HP Engine Air Cooled General Water Pump 1,000 PSI and 3.5 GPM Sutorbilt 4MVL Vacuum Pump 330 CFM
Everest 870HP Truckmount Kubota liquid-cooled 57 HP fuel injected gasoline engine Liquid Cooled General Pump delivering up to 5.6 GPM and up to 2500 psi at 1500 RPM (high speed setting) Industrial-grade Eurus positive displacement blower with vacuum to 13 in. Hg at 3580 RPM
Sapphire Scientific The Rage Truckmount 18 HP Kohler Engine Air Cooled TX1810S17 producing up to 1000 PSI and 2.7 GPM Tuthill 3006 dual-lobe. Vacuum to 15 in. Hg and flows up to 311 CFM
Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount 20 HP Kohler Command gasoline engine Air Cooled General HTXS1813S with an electric clutch operating up to 1500 psi and up to 3.57 GPM at 1478 RPM Gardner Denver 406 tri-lobe design producing 16" Hg and flows up to 317 CFM
Sapphire Scientific 2500HS Premier Hard Surface Truckmount 35 HP Kohler gasoline engine Air Cooled General HTS2016S producing up to 2500 PSI and 5.6 GPM Gardner Denver TriFlow® Ti-406 tri-lobe blower producing vacuum to 16 in. Hg and flows up to 371 CFM
Sapphire Pro 1200 Truckmount Uses vehicle engine Cooled by vehicle 1200 PSI CAT 5CP with high temp seals Tuthill 5006 tri-lobe blower producing vacuum to 16 in. Hg and flows up to 545 CFM

HydraMaster Products

We carry a complete line of Hydramaster Products and Accessories including the HydraCradle, their combination 125 gallon water tank and vacuum hose real.
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